Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a very fun day. It started out with pancakes and bacon. Then Philip helped me make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. They were delicious. And here is Philip all ready to go out trick or treating!

Walking from house to house.

The stash!

C is for Cookie

Philip watching his favourite video.

He is completely capable of finding his way around the iPod to play the games and watch this on youtube. It is just astonishing.

October Fun

October has been a full and fun month. And here are a few of the photos to show you how we have kept busy.

Philip builds and plays with his train tracks daily.

Mary, Anastasia, and Isaac came to visit for Canadian Thanksgiving and stayed for the week. It was so great to have them and show off our new city.

This little guy is just too cute!

We went to the Children's Museum and there was lots to keep everyone busy!

A musical duet!

Philip really liked giving Anastasia a ride on the snowmobile.

And a huge fire truck made Philip very happy.

Philip and I returned the next week to the museum and met a celebrity. Wags the dog from the kids show The Wiggles. Even though Philip has never seen the show, he still liked seeing the big dog.

Daddy's birthday!

And of course, lots of beautiful colors!