Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shrove Tuesday

This morning, I was trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Lent begins tomorrow. 
And the best way for the little ones to prepare is with a craft. So this morning that is what we did. 

Fun in Cleveland

Last week the kids and I enjoyed a very quick trip to Cleveland.
 Here are a few pictures that I managed to take. 
I am not sure where my camera was the rest of the time! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter thus Far

I hope that you like pictures because here are a bunch!

Philip reading his science book to Claire.

Just one morning in early December. 
We forgot to ask Claire if she wanted her picture taken.

We went to Kansas City for Christmas break.

Claire and Grandpa

Reading with Susie.

Every morning was a hot tub morning.

Philip challenged anybody and everybody to play foosball.

We enjoyed lots of Christmas displays.

Fun on the carousel.

This was after Christmas morning Mass. 

Sleeping beauty

 Craft time at Kaleidoscope. 

Neat Lego figures at Crown Center.

Lucy got to wear some of Nana's Curlers. 

We forgot to tell her that it would make her hair curly!

Nana, Claire and Xavier

4.5months old and Claire is quite entertaining.

 Philip and Lucy received some puzzles for Christmas and they are constantly putting them together. 

These pictures are just because I think that they are too cute.

We are finally having some good snow days.

And this was from this morning before Mass. 
Claire will be sitting on her own very soon now.