Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Summer Fun

This has definitely been one hot summer! So much of our time has been spent at the library, splash pads, wading pools, and at the Children's museum. We have also been enjoying lots of bbq with roasted marshmallows for dessert, berry picking, and bike riding with no training wheels! 


After our time in PA, we headed into "the Big Apple" to visit Lillian. We sure did feel like country bumpkins! It was great to see where Lillian and Dan have been living. But the best part was getting to meet Xavier before we left town!


Our trip to PA

In June, we were lucky to spend some time visiting in Scranton.
It was a great visit with lots of good visiting and playtime. 
These pictures of course only caption a fraction of the activities. 





Philip turns 5!

Happy Birthday to Philip!! It is amazing how quickly these 5 years have past. He is such a smart and helpful boy. I can't imagine our household without him. 

The Sand's visit from April

I can't believe that it has been so long since I shared some pictures! Here are some long overdue pictures from when the Sand family came for a visit. As always, we enjoyed the time together.