Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Moth

Last Fall, Mike and the kids discovered this fat caterpillar looking for a place to build a cocoon. We put him in an aquarium and hoped that he would make it through our long winter and hatch this Spring. While we were away in June, he finally hatched! Many thanks to our neighbor for taking pictures for us. We did get to see him when we returned. A very handsome Prometheus Moth. We were so happy that we got to see him and then we opened the aquarium and he flew away once it was dark. 


We went out picking blueberries just as soon as they were ready. 
The bushes were filled with beautiful berries and we made it home with over nine pounds! 
Each of the kids was very focused on the task and we all had a great time.

Toronto Trip

We took a family vacation back in June and visited Toronto. 
Saw some sites, did lots of walking, and had some great food and beers.

Our first stop was the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

We spent the night in a hotel and then spent an entire day at the zoo. It took us eight hours to see everything but the kids slept great in the car on the way home. It was a very memorable trip!

Enjoying Nice Weather

May 18, 2014

 A very special day in our household was May 18, 2014.
Philip received the Blessed Sacrament for the first time. 
It was a lovely day which he will always remember. 

Philip's 7th Birthday

This year, Philip got to have a party with friends! 

We played lots of games.

Colored birds for pin the Birdie in the Tree.

Wore hats!

Ate cake.

And opened presents!

Philip really enjoyed the celebrations and was happy to wake up on the morning 
of his birthday with some more great gifts! 

And the best gift of all was the set of goalie pads! 

Some Spring Highlights

Drinking green milk on St. Patrick's day.

Staying warm

 Riding the Carousel, at Cherryhill mall. 

Dying Easter eggs.

Babies holding babies!

Lucy's 4th Birthday

Such a lovely girl!