Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring has officially sprung!

When the crocus flowers bloom I think that it is safe to say that spring has arrived! These are the first flowers that I have seen. They look so cheerful among the dead leaves. 

It was such a lovely day that Philip and I were able to get out of the house and go for a walk. I am always amazed at how improved both of our temperaments are when we get a little fresh air. :-)
Our destination today was the Fitzpatrick's house and we were lucky enough to arrive while Simon was making cookies. Philip was so happy to help! I think that he also enjoyed the free access to the bowl of grapes. I think that he ate the entire bunch! At least it wasn't chocolate chips, though he had some of those too :-)
The best part yet is that without a nap and all the fresh air he went to bed easily at 8 and I am hopeful that he will stay asleep for the rest of the night!


eve said...

thanks for sharing your lovely day! you walked a long ways. pent up miles.

it felt summery here tonight when i was in the garage getting mary some maternity clothes to mail.

so, we ventured out for a short walk. maureen pushed liam in the stroller and fiona rode in the bike child seat while I peddled. we turned around halfway down the block since my tires seem flat. that's a jeremy project for saturday.

brigit planted spinach and coneflower seeds earlier this week. on the other hand, maureen is going skiing tomorrow.

i'm printing out tim's 26 page (7000 word) story he wrote (dictated) during march.

eve said...

phillip looks like fiona in that last picture.

eve said...

sorry, just one "l"