Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Bash!

I can't believe that two years has flown by so quickly! Philip thoroughly enjoyed his day and it seemed that the fun just didn't stop!

It also happened to be the nicest day we have had so far this spring. And the temp even made it to 85! Now of course that means we had to bring out the water toys. And we enjoyed a BBQ and dinner out on the back patio. It was great!

Philip really enjoyed the ice cream cake that Fr. Creurer gave him! 

And what two year old doesn't like blowing out candles! He even got to do it twice. 

But as we all know that the best part of a birthday is the presents! And he sure got a lot of them. We still have two sitting on our table that he will get to open later. What a lucky kid! 


Anonymous said...

wow oh wow! my fav shot is the one of him blowing out the candles. what a nice blog, Ellie. Thanks for keeping me in the loop...

Anonymous said...

It was truly a wonderful day and celebration for Philip. We've been so fortunate to have him near us for this time. We'll miss them all when they leave. Boy is a wonderful little guy. We hope to have him over for his 3rd, even if we have to invite his father.

MDD said...
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MDD said...

I cannot believe where the time has gone. Little Philip is no longer little!! The photos are great. Do you knit for grown-ups like me? I love purple. Congrats to Michael on the Western U acceptance. I can hardly wait until you guys come this way. Grant will be 30 minutes away and you guys will be 1.5 hours.
God bless you always...Denise