Monday, June 1, 2009

The Month of May

The month of May was quite the whirl wind and so I didn't have a chance to post any of our photos. But I am going to make up for that now! 

To start off, we went to the Science and Technology museum with our friend Nicky and his Mom. We got to see everything from trains to spaceships!

Next was the Tulip festival! We enjoyed all of the beautiful blooms and the company of our good friend Veronica on that lovely afternoon.

As a belated birthday excursion, we went with Belinda and Gracie to Cosmic adventures! A giant pit of balls was just what Philip had always wanted!

On May 7th, we heard the sad news that my grandmother Mimi had passed away and so Philip and I flew home so spend the next two weeks in Kansas City.

The three littlest cousins enjoyed the playtime spent together! 

We were so lucky to have arrived before the humidity and spent many hours enjoying the outdoors.  We did everything from the Arboretum, flying kites, the zoo, a baseball game, bike rides, walks and trips to the playground! It was so great!

And then when it seemed that we had done everything, it was time to leave. Philip got to ride his new scooter all through the airport on our way home. 

Since our trip, the rest of this month has been filled with many loads of laundry and putting things away. And of course a few walks around the block with the scooter!

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