Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day and so in honor of that last night we went to the RCMP Sunset Ceremonies. It is a relaxed show in which the officers show off some of their skills on horse back and with the trained police dogs. This first picture is from two years ago when we attended in the VIP section. It is a really fun event! However, last night it ended up raining on us and we had to leave early. Philip had a blast and was very excited to see the animals. He was really good at cheering for them too!


Kathleen said...

Aw - he is sooooo cute! Happy Canada Day to you =)

Lucky Pebble said...

Sorry it rained, but I'm glad you got to include some shots from the VIP section even if it is two years old. That looks like quite a ceremony. Cute little guy too! ;)