Monday, August 9, 2010


For the past little while, Mike and I have been bitten by some sort of mexican bug. We bought a special tortilla press and now only eat them homemade. But what we both have really wanted to try was making tamales. By complete accident, we found a local Latino market and bought some corn husks which kickstarted this endeavour. Making tamales is a two day process. On Wednesday last week, I cooked and shredded the pork and then seasoned. Then Mike was in charge of soaking the husks for two hours, making the masa dough mix and assembling the tamales. After that we steamed them for about an hour and forty minutes. Definitely a time consuming process but it was totally worth it! They managed to have that unmistakable tamale flavor which we both were craving. Delicious!

(That is a pepper from our garden!)

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Bizzy said...

Despite an endless number of comments about "that think that we would not explain on Sunday", I still can't get Jeff to sign on and check out the Tamales! video! However, I shall update his computer so that it opens right to your blog and see if that doesn't do the trick.....